Please see below the collection of club records that we have for the club, these are focussed largely on the track and road. However if there is the demand we can also collect the records for the field and the juniors. These records are self submitted, where there is no record stated then one cannot be found and it is up for grabs!

The Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s are as up to date as they can be, everything else is a work in progress if you want to lay claim to a record please get in touch!

Senior Men’sSenior Women’s
Veteran 35 Men’sVeteran 35 Women’s
Veteran 40 Men’sVeteran 40 Women’s
Veteran 45 Men’sVeteran 45 Women’s
Veteran 50 Men’sVeteran 50 Women’s
Veteran 55 Men’sVeteran 55 Women’s
Veteran 60 Men’sVeteran 60 Women’s
Veteran 65 Men’sVeteran 65 Women’s
Veteran 70 Men’sVeteran 70 Women’s

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