You will compete in a mixed group of approximately 10 athletes of similar ability based on recent 5k performances(as of 31/03/23). Groups based broadly on 15 to 18 mins, 18 – 19 mins etc but cover a larger range as times move out as there are less athletes of comparable ability.

Races for the club group competitions (trying to keep it local as possible, where entry is not too limited and based on the dates I have) best 12 to count. If points are level on completion of all races then individual positions will be based on head to head basis.

Points as last year but with bonus points for participating in club team events or volunteering at club races and athletics meetings.

12 points for 1st placed AC athlete in a race, 11 points for 2nd placed etc.
5 bonus points for participation in official club team events (xc, road relays etc)
4 bonus points for volunteering / officiating at club races or athletics meetings.

Nominated Events / Races 2023-2024

Club track 3kTrack14th Feb
Club track 5kTrack13th March
Club track 1 mileTrack10th Jan /. 14th Feb
Fastest 5kRoadN/A
Fastest other 10kRoadN/A
Fastest 10 mileRoadN/A
SYRL (fastest one to count)RoadSYRL (fastest one to count from 1st April 2023)
Higham HurtleOff Road27-Apr, 22-Jun, 24-Aug (fastest one to count)
Spencers DashRoad04-May
Pontefract 10kRoad07-May
Silkstone ShuffleOff Road18-May, 20-Jul, 14-Sep (fastest one to count)
Kimmy KanterOff Road06-Jun
Thurlstone ChaseOff Road01-Jul
Spencers DashRoad13-Jul
Priory 10kPriory 10k Jul 23 (provisional) Jul 23 (provisional)
Stans Toffee RunOff Road17-Aug
Spencers DashRoad07-Sep
Holmfirth 10kRoad Oct 23 (provisional)
Doncaster 10kRoad 26th November
Percy PudRoad 3rd December
Santa SpecialOff Road17-Dec
Ambles RevengeOff Road27-Dec
Dewsbury 10kRoad Feb-24
Wombwell 5mRoadFeb-24

Club Members Groups and positions