Parkrun Challenge Competition based on best 7 of the nominated monthly parkruns (dates to suit groups calendar), Club colours encouraged but not compulsory

Points awarded as below:-

  • A Target Age Grade shall be used to calculate points based on the parkrun age grade
  • The Target Age Grade is taken as the highest recorded Age Grade performance on the parkrun system in the period 1st  September 2023 to 31st March 2024.
  • Calculation for points awarded for each run shall be Achieved Age Grade divided by Target Age Grade x 1000 (eg  Achieved 74.38% / Target 75.01% x 1000 = 992 points)
  • The competition shall be ranked based on the sum of the highest 7 point scores achieved
  • If no age grade records appear in period then best 5k performance (or pro rata based on other distance) shall be used to estimate a Target Age Grade.
  • If target Age Grade is exceeded by 3%, target Age Grade for remaining races will be recalculated for remaining races based on last performance


  • Parkrun No 1 Rotherham 27th April 2024
  • Parkrun No 2 18th/25th May 2024, Rothwell (late notice of change)
  • Parkrun No 3 8th June 2024, Cusworth Hall
  • Parkrun No 4 20th July 2024, Doncaster
  • Parkrun No 5 24th August 2024, Penistone
  • Parkrun No 6 21st September 2023 Poolsbrook
  • Parkrun No 7 19th October 2023 Frickley
  • Parkrun No 8 23rd November 2023 Pontefract
  • Parkrun No 9 14th December 2023 Concord
  • Parkrun No 10 TBC January 2024 Hillsborough
  • Parkrun No 11 TBC February 2024 Barnsley
  • Parkrun No 12 TBC March 2024 Nostell

24/24 Current Positions

23/24 Final Positions