Down a bit, up a bit, down a bit, up a bit, down a bit, up t’ finish.

The Course Profile

Spencer’s Dash

For 2022, it is three separate THURSDAY races of 3.8 mile races on road and trail.

It has been established for over 20 years.

You can buy entry to all 3 races with or without a t-shirt, or you can just enter a single race.

The Facilities and Parking

Reception for numbers will be open at 6-30pm on the night of the race.

Once you have your number you keep the same number for all three races.

Bags can be left in the club.

Toilets are also in the club.

There is no changing facilities at the club.

There is limited parking at the club so if you cannot park in the club, please park sensibly and do not block anybody’s drive.

Results and Prizes

You must run all three races to qualify for any prizes. Times of each race will be added together to get the winners .

There will be no results on the day, results will be available on Barnsley AC web site .

Prizes will be presented at the last race .

The results from RACE 1 are now available on RACEBEST

The Barnsley AC will not held responsible for any lost or damage of property.


You can enter all three races here; for individual entries please see the links below.

Dates for 2022Entry Link
May 5thEntry
July 14thEntry
September 1stEntry

Contact Dave Bennett 01226 291403

Please park sensibly with respect for all local residents

The Course

The course is all left hand turns please be aware that roads are not closed to traffic, so run on the left and take instructions from the marshal’s headphones should not be wore as you cannot hear traffic.

Course Profile / Route