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Welcome to Barnsley Athletic Club

Barnsley 10K

The club was formed in the late 1980s following an amalgamation of two well-established local clubs; Barnsley Road Runners and Dorothy Hyman Athletic Club.

The club is a truly inclusive one, with over 600 members ranging in age from 8 to the over 60s, competing over road, cross country, track and field events. We cater for runners of all abilities, from beginners through to county and regional level.

The main training evenings are Tuesdays and Thursdays, with road runners meeting at the Barnsley Metrodome at 6.45 pm for club runs catering for all abilities and structured training sessions set by a UKA Level 4 endurance coach. Track and field athletes meet at the Dorothy Hyman Stadium in Cudworth from 6pm onwards, where a variety of training groups are taken by qualified coaches, focussing on sprinting, middle distance, jumps and throws. In addition, individual coaches also organise training sessions on other evenings for different groups. Many runners also meet on a Saturday or Sunday morning for longer group runs, particularly when training for the marathon distance.

The club is a renowned promoter of events, and organises the Barnsley 10k, South Yorkshire Half Marathon, Ward Green 6, Spencer’s Dash Series and the Dorothy Hyman Winter Track Series, which draw runners from the local area and beyond.

We welcome new runners to our training nights.

Darren Middleton for junior middle distance -

Keith Binney for other track and field disciplines -

Mark Hurrell or Dave Bennett for road running -

Hanna Bird ladies Track and Field Manager / Coach -

For general enquiries Mark Hurell -


Wed April 5th
Wed May 3rd
Wed June 7th
Wed July 5th
Wed Aug 2nd
Wed Sept 6th 

Start 7 pm 

3.75 miles of Road Trail

Entries Taken in The Barugh Green Club Higham Common Rd  From 6pm 

We need  your EA number and your D.O.B and Club

Entry Fee £4 per Race or £20 at the first race save £4 and will include a  T Shirt   

Contact Dave Bennett 01226 291403


The club presentation

The club presentation will take place on Saturday 1st April ,once again at the Boatman's Rest Worsbrough 7-30pm .A buffet meal is included cost of tickets is only £5 the tickets are subsidised by the Barnsley 10k as a thank you for everybody who helped at the 10k .Hope to see you all there ,it is a great night

Tickets available from Anne Bennett and Alison Noble






I am going to be starting up the Members Draw again.

Please get involved !!!

It is £12 for 6 months or you can pay £24 for all the year.

How it works you pay your money then get allocated a number.  At the end of every month a number will be drawn.  The winner of that number will win a cash amount.

How much ?? Well that depends on how many get involved .  Let me give you an example  - if 40 people have numbers  (£80 is paid in for that month) half the money will go to the club and half to the winner, so they would get £40.

25 people involved  -  winner would get £25

Well worth it !!

It is to start in the new year, so please pass your money on to me asap !
You will not get a number until funds have been received  -  even if you have shown interest.

Please join in & pass on the information .

Many thanks.


The Barnsley 10K is on the 26th November 2017 at 10am.


(On-Line entry form will be available soon)



I have made a start , these are by no means a true record - some are missing , some are wrong These club records are ( or will be when completed )a combination of performances from the former Dorothy Hyman Track Club 1968 -1989 ,Barnsley Road Runners 1974 - 1989 , Barnsley AC ( aka Barnsley DHAC for a short time ) 1989 - 2016 so almost covers 50 years .GB International Dorothy Hyman competed for Hickleton Main SC during her glory days in the late 50s / early 60s , took up coaching and made a short comeback during the late 60s for DHTC so her fastest times are not listed . I am missing mens sprint records which were probably done by DHTC members -So if anyone can help me fill in some gaps or indeed point out better performances throughout the lists - please get in touch .Surprising the Marathon records have been much harder to find out than I thought it would -Some members ran in other people"s names or charity places in events such as London , also I been struggling to find members performances elsewhere - so some of them are unoffical and by word of mouth !!! NB Jilly Woodthorpe /Ingman listed under JW

Provisional Mens Records - Click here to download

Provisional Womens Records - Click here to download






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Metrodome Sports Centre
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Dorothy Hyman Stadium (Track)
Snydale Road
South Yorkshire