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Due to the on-going Covid situation and cancellation of events, the club groups competition will not be held in 2021. But hopefully there will be club road championships for all age group winners (Seniors and all 5 years veterans age groups - Men and Ladies) at the following: Doncaster 5kms, Cusworth 10kms and Members fastest times in the remainder of the year on certified courses at Half and Full Marathons.

All being well of course, and if our area gets clearance, the 2021 Barnsley parkrun challenge based on members 3 fastest runs and 3 best age graded performances will be held.

Big welcome to all the new members. I’m slowly getting over my big fall on the ice back in late January. Hope to see you at a club night and at some real races very soon. Thanks Dave Allemby.


This is to stay the same as in previous years - awards to 1st Lady and 1st Man based on fastest 3 times in the year - this runs from Jan 1st until Dec 29th

CLUB ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Awards to 1st in each age group from Under 20s upwards, Seniors, and all 5 Year Veteran age groups - from Ladies O/35, Men O/40 upwards to O/70s
Races to count this year are: 5kms - Rockingham 12th July; 5 miles - Wombwell 17th February; 10kms - Cusworth 29th September; 10 miles - Askern 11th August; Half Marathon, 20 miles and Marathon based on your fastest time of the year (provided it is an accurate certified road course) - please keep Dave Allemby up to date!

This is an all round competition where the first 3 Ladies and Men (any age) will win an award based on your best 5 out of the 7 club road championships - Ladies and Men ranked separate - 1st (or fastest) will receive 100 points, 2nd 99 points etc so a possible 500 points available - but to count in the prizes a member must run in at least 4 out of the 7 events

There are approx. 15 members in the Group A B C and D. They are basically to reward members who compete week in, week out for the club - so the fastest runners may not necessarily win - which is often the case!! In this competition you are only running against those in your own group - points are 15 1st home, 14 for 2nd etc - you can still gain points if you are the only member there!! Your best 20 scores count which includes your best 3 track, 10 road and 7 multi terrain, so maximum points available is 300 - there are many choices available throughout the year so you do not have to do them all!! As always I have tried to find events that do not clash with other important club events such as Track and Field Leagues, South Yorkshire Cross Country, Road and Cross Country Relays, County and Veteran Championships etc. Dates might change due to clashes, bad weather, etc, so updates will be posted on the clubs facebook page

Please note, to count - Club Vests must be worn - only exceptions are the Barnsley parkrun challenge, Winter and Summer track series, if a member is running for charity (and wears a charity running vest/t-shirt) in any event such as the London Marathon, Great North Run etc or is wearing a County, Northern or International etc vest including Veterans/Masters

Group Races to Count:
Track best 3 from 6 at Cudworth:
Winter Series - 5,000 metres 9th January; 3,000 metres 23rd January; 10,000 metres 6th February; Summer Series - 5,000 metres 29th May; 3,000 metres 24th June; 1 mile 22nd August
Multi-Terrain - best 7 from 16:
Scholes Coppice - 17th March; Higham Hurtle - 17th April; Kimmy Kanter - 4th June; Handsworth Hobble - 11th June; School Run - 15th June; Midsummer Dash - 18th June; Ulley Res 5 miles - 19th June; Holme Valley 5 - 28th June; Thurlstone Chase - 6th July; Stans Toffee Run - 15th August; Higham Hurtle - 28th August; Bawtry Forest - 8th September; Moss Valley Madness - 15th September; Penistone Hill Race - 22nd September; Santa Special - 18th December; Braithwell - 26th December
Road - best 10 from 22:
Wombwell 5 - 17th Feb; Norton 9 - 3rd March; Windmill 6 - 24th March; Rotherham 10k - 12th May; Askern 10k - 15th May; Penistone 10k - 30th June; Brindsworth 10k - 7th July; Askern 10 miles - 11th August; Rockingham 5k - 12th July; Cusworth 10k - 29th September; Rotherham Canal Race 5 miles - 3rd November; Ward Green 6 - 22nd December; Spencers Dash - 1st Wednesday in April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept; All 4 South Yorkshire 5 miles Road League races (provisional dates 10th April, 24th April, 8th May, 22nd May)

Have a great running year!!! Dave A


A - Mark Wood
B - Alison Noble
C - Mick Casey
D - Lydia Race
E - Ladies - Vicky Hudson
E - Men - Ian Copley

Best age graded Lady - Alice Moore
Fastest Lady - Alice Moore
Best age graded Man - Dave Brooksbank
Fastest Man - Brendan Moody

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (Best 5 from the 7 club championship events to count - possible 500 points):
Ladies (only 2 prizes awarded - no one else did 4 or more of the Club Championship events):
1. Gail Colville (495 points)
2. Kerry Storrar (400 points)
Men (5 men did 4 or more of the required events):
1. Mark Wood (478 points)
2. Mark Havenand (395 points)
3. Robert Davies (389 points)
4. Dave Allemby (354 points)
5. Ian Copley (352 points)


Ethan Godridge - Under 20 - 5kms

Stuart Wilson - Senior - 5kms, 5 miles and 10 miles

Brendan Moody - Senior - 10kms

Noel Adkins - Senior - half marathon and marathon

Mark Wood - Vet O/40 - 5kms, 10kms and 10 miles

Steve Roebuck - Vet O/40 - 5 miles

Chris Wells - Vet O/40 - half marathon

Dave Harling - Vet O/45 - 5kms and marathon

Keith Littlewood - Vet O/45 - 5 miles

Lee Spensley - Vet O/45 - 10kms

Melvin Wallace - Vet O/45 - half marathon

Paul Fieldsend - Vet O/45 - 20 miles

Mark Havenhand - Vet O/50 - 5kms, 5 miles, half marathon and marathon

Robert Davies - Vet O/50 - 20 miles

Dave Brooksbank - Vet O/55 - 5kms, 5 miles and half marathon

Ian Copley - Vet O/55 - 10 miles

Dave Allemby - Vet O/60 - 5kms, 5 miles, 10kms and half marathon

Graham Bateson - Vet O/60 - marathon

Kevin Manley - Vet O/65 - 5 miles

Mick Casey - Vet O/70 - 5kms, 5 miles and 10 miles


Lydia Race - Senior - 5kms, 5 miles and 10kms

Jade Styan - Senior - marathon

Christina Larking - Vet O/35 - 5kms

Vicky Hudson - Vet O/35 - 10kms and 10 miles

Nami Biddlestone - Vet O/35 - half marathon

Heidi Quigley - Vet O/35 - marathon

Alison Noble - Vet O/40 - 5kms

Kaeti Mackenzie - Vet O/40 - 5 miles

Sarah Gough - Vet O/40 - 10kms and half marathon

Nami Biddlestone - Vet O/40 - marathon

Kerry Storrar - Vet O/45 - 5 miles, half marathon, 20 miles and marathon

Gail Colvillle - Vet O/50 - 5kms, 5miles, 10kms, 20 miles and marathon

Jenny Wakeman - Vet O/60 - 5 miles

Anne Bennett - Vet O/65 - 5 miles


Very provisional list - compiled before all club subs were (or indeed were not!!) paid.
If I have missed anyone off - please get in touch. Any new members joining during the year will be placed in a group on their ability. Any Beginners will go straight into Group E. The year started with the winter track series and finishes with the Ward Green 6.
GOOD LUCK from Dave A, remember - gottobeinittowinit !!!

Group A

Dave Allemby; Dave Harling; Mark Havenhand; Darren Middleton; Kerry Storrar; Chris Wells; Stuart Wilson; Keith Littlewood; Ethan Godridge; Mark Wood.

Group B

Brendan Moody?; Dave Brooksbank; Liz Champion; Robert Davies; Mark Hurrell; Beth Massey; James Musgrave; Melvin Wallace; Noel Adkins; Sarah Gough; Alison Noble.

Group C

Graham Bateson; Kaeti Mackenzie; Roy Hart; Lee Mitchell; Gail Colville; Lisa Skinner; Liam Tart; Ian Neville; Steve Roebuck; Adrian Gough; Simon Roberts; Paul Fieldsend; Mick Casey.

Group D

Ray Archer; Darrell Harrison; Neil Nutter; Rod Scholes; Jenny Wakeman; Alan Noble; Naomi Biddlestone; Janette Jackson; David Darby; Zoe Mitchell; Lydia Race; Sally Nutter; Stacy Dyson.

Group E - Men

Keith Binney; Jim Chisholm; Ian Copley; Mark Crofts; Kevin Manley; Graham Stroud; John Wroe; A.N. Others.

Group E - Ladies

Anna Austin; Anne Bennett; Caroline French-Harling; Gaynor Goodman; Marion Harrison; Caron Holburt; Lynne Hurrell; Laura Mills; Helen Jones-Crofts; Sharon Moore; Gemma Micklethwaite; Adele Sims; June Sims; Jade Styan; Linda Westlake; Emma Todd; Faye Lund; Rachel Lancaster; Sharon Galvin; Jackie Wallace; Carol Morrell; A. N. Others.




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