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The annual event organised by Penistone Footpath Runners took place on the morning of 29th of December, attracting 7 Barnsley AC runners to take on the arguably tougher reverse course from the summer equivalent being the Hunshelf Amble. There was plenty of wind, rain and lots of mud! What’s the point in running off-road without a bit of mud? The winner of the mens race was Jonathan Escalante-Phillips in 54.37 and the women’s race was Sarah Shanks in 1:04.30 Taking part in the event we had:

Lee Pickering – 1:06.36

James Musgrave – 1:09.40

Darrell Harrison – 1:14.37

Gemma Thickett – 1:16.04

Sarah Gough, running with her husband Adrian – 1:25.56

Jayne Manley – 1:49.02

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